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It’s considered interesting to know the approximate yearly market sales for the domain industry. If we travel back in time to the year 1997 we’ll see that there was a reported total sale of $3 million. Two years later, the sales increased by $12 million, with a total of $15 million sales reported by the end of 1999. Just one year later domain names sale grew approximately 80% with a total of $24 million domain sales reported. Between the years 2000-2003 there was a decrease in the domain market, as for the end of 2003 there were only $2 million reported sales.

The market comes back to life again in 2004, when $19,5 million where reported as sales for that year. Between 2005 and 2007 there was again a decrease for the domain market sales, until 2008 when there were $32 million reported annual sales. From the year 2009 to our days, we find that the domain name market has had its rises and falls but remains alive and it has not fallen out of $44 million reported annual sales.

In today’s competitive domain industry it’s almost impossible to find a domain less than 6 characters long, and if you really need to purchase a short domain name it will usually require you to bid on that name or to purchase it from a direct owner, what makes them expensive domains.
A domain is not only valued by its total characters, it’s worth exactly what a buyer is willing to pay for it, due to his needs and the uniqueness of the domain.

Top 30 Sites by Sales Highest Price Till 2016


1         $13,000,000     November 2010           Clover Holdings Limited
2     $11,000,000     September 2001  GP LLC
3       $9,999,950     March 2008                  Gentile, Philip
4       $9,500,000     May 2007                     Moniker Privacy Services
5     $8,888,888     February 2015               Private
6          $8,500,000     September 2010             Facebook, Inc.
7  $7,500,000     May 2006                    ATTN DIAMOND.COM
8         $7,000,000     January 2004              Thought Convergence, LLC
9              $6,784,000       November 2014
10       $5,500,000     June 2010                    Bodog Media
11    $5,500,000     November 2003          Mansion Limited of Gibraltar
12        $5,100,000     March 2009                 DNS MASTER
13      $5,000,000     January 2000     Communications Co., Ltd
14    $4,900,000     January 2008              Domain Administrator
15            $4,700,000     September 2013                     IG Group Ltd
16  $4,000,000     February 2008
17           $3,850,000     November 2008
18          $3,600,000     April 2014
19       $3,500,000     November 2003                      Hunt, Vince
20      $3,300,000     September 2003                     Tomaszewski, William
21  $3,200,000     December 2005   Holdings Pty Limited
22     $3,100,000     January 2014               Theresia Luening
23       $3,000,000     December 2006            Russian Standard Co
24        $3,000,000     January 2000                Bank of America
25        $3,000,000     June 2009                     Greg Balestrieri
26       $2,900,000     July 2004                      Wilferd, Jacklyn
27   $2,750,000     June 2004   CCRD Operating Company, Inc.
28           $2,605,000     April 2008           National A-1 Advertising
29          $2,600,000     July 2011    
30            $2,500,000     December 1999

To sum things up:

The 2014 closed with a base of 288 million registered domain names. Worldwide registrations have grown by 16.9 million, or 6.2%, year over year. Both .com and .net TLDs experienced aggregate growth of 2.7% in 2014. As of Dec. 31, 2014, the base of registered names in .com equaled 117.2 million names, while .net equaled 14.9 million names, followed by .org with 10.5 million names. Largest Domain Registrars: GoDaddy – 31.2%, Enom – 8.1%, Network Solutions – 7.7%, Tucows – 6.5, Schlund+partner – 5%. DNS Market Share: CloudFlare – 26.5%, Route53 – 16.3%, Ultra DNS – 12.5%, Dynect – 8.2%, GoDaddy – 7.2%.

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