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I recently posted an article on the domain name suggestion tool Domainsbot. (Thanks to Google, I was able to get my hands on four domain name search tools.) Domain name suggestion tools come in very handy when you’re searching for some quality domain names based on keywords, (especially when you get an offer from some domain registrar to buy a domain for $1 using their special offer).
Before you use any of the following tools, I highly recommend that you read the following tutorial:
So let’s start with a handy list of sites which will help you to find the best domain name for your new site.
You can buy a domain directly from any of the services domain available or sold.
Some of them find listings from the used domain marketplace

1. Domainsbot :

Domainsbot is a simple domain suggestion tool which also uses your keyword to give you some nice domain suggestions. What I like about this site is that when you search for a niche-based keyword, it also finds the domain listings from SEDO and Godaddy along with prices. This can be helpful in choosing the best keyword-rich domain name for your new site.  It really is a perfect keyword domain name generator tool.

2. NameTumbler :

NameTumbler is another simple domain suggestion tool which allows you to  make changes in your domain search. You can decide the placement of your keyword for domain name suggestions. What makes this tool worth a mention is that it allows you to add your keyword and combine it with many keyword suggestions. For example, add it with an animal’s name, add a prefix or suffix, and check availability. In short, it tumbles names to find available domain names

3. Domain suggest tool:

This tool allows you to search for domain names with the extensions .com, .cc, .TV, .net. By default the adult name suggestion is off, though you can turn it on. This would not be a good idea, however, as many firewalls block access to sites based on keywords in domain name

4. BustAName

Bust Name is my second favorite domain search tool after Domainsbot. It makes your mind mapping so easy, with lots of suggestions and words.  You can add multiple keywords, and it jumbles them to see if there are any available domain names. You can quickly add a prefix or suffix which also makes it easier to find your desired domain name.

5. dynadot

Search for domains and check out Its list of free features that come with each domain.


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