How to Install WhatsApp on PC and Laptops Using Bluestack

WhatsApp is the most popular Chat program for Smartphone’s, it’s easy to use and you can get in touch with your friends and family without any cost :
Being the most popular whatsapp has no desktop version, that is to say if you don’t have a Smartphone you can’t use whatsapp .
So Today am going to drop a tutorial showing you how you can easily install and use not only whatsapp but all android applications on your WINDOWS or MAC PC :
First thanks to Bluestack for making that easy.


1. Download and install bluestack software from this link.

2. The installation process is very easy, just like any other program and takes less than 5 minutes.

 3. Once you have installed the Program look for Bluestack icon .

 4. Run it to see an interface like the following picture here.

5. After the download has finished, you will be prompted to install it. Just as usual press the Install button and you’re done .

 6. You finished installing it and you’re in fact ready to configure it. Insert your phone number, follow activation instructions and you’re done.

Initially you will not have any contacts for WhatsApp chat messenger because you are accessing WhatsApp from BlueStack not from your SmartPhone, but You can add Contact numbers of your friends manually, Hoping that in my next post i will treat on how to add all your mobile contacts on BlueStack.

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