How To Use SocialPilot Social Media Tool For Promotion?

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If you are in online industry then you know the importance of social media marketing. Whether you are running an entertainment website, a blog, an ecommerce store or an business which sell digital and physical products and services, you need to have a great audience to puckish your content and generate sales. Social media has changed the aspect of digital marketing, specially Facebook and Twitter. According to expert who are ruling the online industry, you need to spend at least 60% of your marketing budget on social media marketing because, it’s become more effective as compare to other source of marketing like print ads and TV etc.

Indeed, setting a social media account does not takes more than few seconds but it could be very hard for a person to keep the social profiles active. You need to post content on time when most of yours are online to get maximum response from them. But how do you know about this? Especially when you have to manage multiple social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and many more. One of the best way to know what does your fans and followers like to see at what time is to schedule the posts. But scheduling options are not available everywhere, For example, you can schedule your posts on Facebook business page but there is no solution for Twitter until you use a third party tool or application.

SocialPilot Social Media Tool is a complete package to schedule and manage all of your social media accounts at one place. This social media tool for promotion is not just designed to schedule your posts on social media platform at one place but it has many other things like branding, promotion options, managing social media profiles, URL shortener and many more features including API Access.

SocialPilot Social Media Tool is a free tool with limited features but you can upgrade to get unlimited features and options to manage your social media marketing campaigns. Other than that, you don’t required to download a software, you can use SocialPilot Social Media Tool online and mobile application. There is Google Chrome extension also available for this tool and these are all free of cost.

How To Use SocialPilot

You does not required expertise or even familiar with any other tool to operate SocialPilot. It is user friendly and very easily to use. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit and get register for your account. You can also use social login options if you don’t want to use a new email ID. Facebook connect would work perfect too.

Step 2: Verify your account through email sent by SocialPilot.

Step 3: Start adding social media accounts to your SocialPilot. Simply click on the icons like Twitter to connect with Twitter account and LinkedIn to schedule your LinkedIn profile posts. In a free version you can add up to five accounts maximum while premium plan will allow you to add unlimited accounts.

Step 4: Click on schedule and set a calendar including timings of days when you like to schedule your posts. You can also use their random schedule options too if you are not sure when to schedule your Facebook post or Twitter’s tweet.

Step 5: Simply click on create post and write down your content. You can also upload video and photos. Then select the social media profiles where you want to post them.

That’s it!! Using SocialPilot is very easy way to schedule your posts on social media profiles. It is work in same way for Smartphone application too.

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