How Get a Facebook Page or Profile Verified by Facebook – [Blue Tick Mark]

On facebook you may have seen many authentic page with blue check mark next to their names like in the below pictures.


Example of Verified facebook page
Example of Verified Page on facebook
After seeing these check marks with hover(Verified Page or Profile) it makes feel some special in the eye of the viewer and it’s a moment for proud because only popular pages and profiles get verified. However before it was done automatically totally but now facebook had allowed it’s users to submit a request for verification of pages.

Eligibility of Pages for verification:

Currently facebook is only verifying Public Figures or Celebrity pages only with an active fans and reaches of posts. Website or Business page are currently unavailable for verification.
Likes is not a criteria but I suggest you to have atleast 5000+ likes on pages but not generated with any like for like websites or autolike websites.

Here are the Documents needed for verification:

>>>Drivers License
>>>Birth Certificate
>>>Articles of Incorporation (if you represent a media, entertainment or sports company)

>>>Any Official Government ID

Benefit of Verified Pages or Profiles:

>>>Your Fan will attract more people to like your page

>>>People will trust with your posted information

>>>Verified FB Page increase fan following

>>>Page reach is more of Verified FB Pages

Steps to Submit your Page for verification:

Verification page
>>>Select the page for verification
>>>Upload the Documents
>>>Provide the official website
>>>Click on send button and wait for an email from facebook regarding verification
You will receive email from facebook within a period less than 7 days which will confirm you that your page will be verified or not.

Steps for Verification of Facebook profile:

An Example of verified profile(Mark Zuckerberg @zuck)


Facebook does not allow verification by submission of profile manually but if you have get your facebook page verified then you can also get your profile verified by proper linking both page and profile by providing users a link of profile on the about section of the page.

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