How To Receive Only Facebook messages notification by email?

How to Enable Facebook messages notification by email

It is impossible to retrieve a Facebook message once you’ve deleted it. Even with a court order, Facebook may not be able to recover the message for you.If you receive Facebook message notifications to your email account, it is possible that you still have a copy of the deleted message, but beyond this, the only thing you can do is prevent making the same mistake in the future. This article will help you check your email for Facebook notifications and offer tips on preventing losing deleted messages in the future.

Open your settings.

Click on the downward-facing triangle on the top right corner of your page (next to the lock icon). This will open a drop-down menu that includes options like “Create Page”, “Activity Log”, “Log Out”, and “Help”. To open your settings, click on “Settings” in this drop-down menu.

Go to your Account Settings and select Notifications from the left pane. Now you can see the Notification Settings page:

Select “You’ll receive: All notifications, except the ones you unsubscribe from” and click “Turn On” next to “Messages” under “You’ve unsubscribed from emails about:”. That’s all.
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It looks like Facebook integrated chat with messaging. I discovered that when logging into Facebook, missed messages would appear as chat windows. After turning off Chat (chat window > bottom right > settings cog) through the web, turning off chat and notifications on my phone, and turning off chat on my messenger clients, I’m starting to get emails again of messages.

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