What is Domain Authority and Useful Tips to Increase it 2017

domain authority

Well Domain Authority i.e DA means a rating of a website like PageRank And Alexa Rank in search engines. In other words, It is a measure of the potential of the site to get noticed in search engine rankings etc. Having high Domain Authority rank is must for your site or blog to show some great reputations to people. Hence today we will learn more about it and know some useful tips to increase your Domain Authority rank. That’s it!

How Domain Authority Rank is Calculated?

It mainly depends on five Factors- Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Backlinks, Domain Age and Popularity of Domain name. Now we will more discuss about it at below.

How to Increase your Domain Authority Rank (DA)-

1. Domain Age and Popularity Matters

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Its always being extra advantage of purchasing old domains for high DA rankings. Yes you are right, I mean Domain Age really matters a lot to search engines. Search engines are more likely to repose their trust and faith in older websites. Keep Note- Older and Popular is your domain, better is your rankings.

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2. Having Good PageRank and Alexa rankings

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Always try to increase your Google Page Rank and Alexa rankings too for higher DA ranks. Domain Authority rank increases simultaneously with Alexa and Google PageRank. For good Alexa rank, keep your blog updated with regular and fresh articles. Secondly For good Page Rank, make sure there is higher number of inbound links as compared to outbound links in your site.

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3. Backlinks Measures

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Well Backlinks counts is must to determine DA rank, Larger and quality is your backlinks, better is your Domain Authority rank. The best way to gain backlinks is via Guest Posting, Blog Commenting, Forums Posting and Social Media Networks. Never try to make huge no. of backlinks in an intra day.

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4. Domain Files

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I mean the more number of indexed pages on a website, the greater will be its DA. In other words, your Domain Size should be large enough to host as many files etc. In simple words, larger your blog posts higher is your domain authority as well.

5. Google Author Rank (Coming soon)

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Google Author Rank is that thing which gives the information about how reputed particular author is and this is directly linked with your website. In the coming days, this would also considered in calculating DA rank.

How to Check your Domain Authority Rank?

To check your DA rank then Visit Moonsy and then enter your site/blog url to check. It shows numbers out of 100. More is your site number higher is your Domain Authority rank and value in search engines. Enjoy and please bookmark this article also! Have a good day and peace.

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