20 Top High Paying Best Google AdSense Alternatives 2018

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20 Top High Paying Best Google AdSense Alternatives To Monetize Your Blog 2017

If you have never heard of Google AdSense, then your first question would be “What is google adsense?” When you want to make money online using blog/website, Google AdSense is a great way to monetize. Google AdSense is a very popular online advertising program. It is trusted and used by many people in the world. The users could range from individuals to multi-million companies. All this is possible because Google AdSense shows contextual ads i.e. ads closely related to the content of the page that the user is on, to provide high value and thereby show only the most relevant ads. Due to this reason, Google AdSense is also known as contextual advertising network.

So what exactly is a Google AdSense alternative?

Back in the days, anyone could sign up for a free Google AdSense account. But of late, lot has changed. Google has implemented strict rules that need to be complied with, in order to get approved for a Google AdSense account. One of the main requirements to get approved for a Google AdSense is to have original and quality content that provide value to users. If not, there is a risk of getting disapproved for a Google AdSense account or an existing account might be suspended, if it is found to violate the TOS.

So whether you are a new user trying your luck to get approved for a Google AdSense account but have hard luck so far or you happen to be one of those unfortunate ones whose account got suspended for whatever reasons, then this article is for you. In this article, I am going to share with you some of the Top and best alternatives for Google AdSense that could help you in monetizing your blog and/or website.

Note: Some of the companies shown below accept only large-scale users. When I come across such an alternate for Google AdSense, I will be indicating the same. The descriptions are based on personal experience/views and do not represent any form of endorsement.

 1. Yahoo! Publisher Network


Google AdSense Alternatives 1

Yahoo Publisher Network

Consider Yahoo! Publisher Network to be a huge competitor to Google AdSense. And if you are looking for an alternative for Google AdSense, then the YPN could be a very good source to start from. They primarily deal with the following Ad products:

  • Display: These are very creative ads & IMO, they create it for you & charge you high. But worth it if you want to capture a large audience.
  • Search: The ads are displayed when Search is performed. Supports Mobile Searches, Rich ads in searches, etc.
  • Targeting:  Of all the options that they provide in Targeting, I like the Search Targeting the most. Basically this is how Search Targeting works. When a user performs a search in their website, they show the results & within seconds, they show a popup in the middle of the screen. This popup will contain the ad related for that searched keyword. That way, user will be focused only on that related ad.
  • Analytics: Helps measuring the effectiveness of Ad campaigns.
  • Networks & Exchanges: Offer premium digital advertising.
  • Mobile Video: Focus on mobile users.
  • Connected TV: This is Yahoo! Connected TV Broadcast Interactivity advertising.
  • Audience Buying: This is a complicated ad service & applies to big scale marketing companies.

How much can you earn: N/A

Payment Methods: N/A

Payment Frequency/Terms: N/A

Payment Minimum: N/A


1. They deal with Graphic Display Ads, Video Ads & Rich Media Ads.

2. Offer ads for Mobile, Tablets & Desktops.


1. Manual application & approval required

My Verdict:

Yahoo! Publisher Network appears to be a very big advertising agency. IMO, its one of “best alternative for Google AdSense” out there. All their products appear to focus big companies & MNCs. So if you are running a company & would like to switch from Google AdSense and try other services, then I suggest you definitely give Yahoo! Publisher Network a chance. Individual/Small scale advertiser, you can try them but if you are unsure, you may pass on Yahoo! Publisher Network safely.


2. DoubleClick (by Google)


Google AdSense Alternatives 2

Google DoubleClick

Ironically, one of the alternatives for Google AdSense include a product (now) owned by Google themselves! It’s called DoubleClick. They seem to offer the following Ad Services:

  • Ad Serving
  • Optimization
  • Sales Management
  • Yield Management
  • Sell-side Platform
  • Mobile
  • Video
  • Audience Management
  • Rich Media Campaign Management
  • Rich Media Production

Again, the concept of each of the above ad services is more or less the same as of the Yahoo Advertising network.

How much can you earn: N/A

Payment Methods: N/A

Payment Frequency/Terms: N/A

Payment Minimum: N/A


1. They deal with Graphic Display Ads, Video Ads & Rich Media Ads.

2. Offer ads for Mobile, Tablets & Desktops.


1. Manual application & approval required

My Verdict:

Although DoubleClick is a good  alternative for Google AdSense, it could not be a solution for everyone. DoubleClick targets big companies & MNCs. So if you are running a company & would like to switch from Google AdSense and try something on big scale, try them. Additionally they offer you  more services than they do for a general AdSense publisher, such as running more than 3 ads on a single page, etc. Individual publishers, just pass on them.





3. Zedo


Google AdSense Alternatives 3


Conisder Zedo as an alternative to Google AdSense. They offer the following Ad services:

  • ZEDO Ad Server
  • Self Service
  • Yield Optimizer
  • AdMagic
  • Rich Media
  • Ad Operations
  • Newspapers
  • Mobile Ad Serving

How much can you earn: N/A

Payment Methods: N/A

Payment Frequency/Terms: N/A

Payment Minimum: N/A


1. Ads on Photos: They are displayed automatically when the photo has loaded. The ad stays open until the user clicks the close button in the top right corner of the ad. The ad will show again on mouse over.


1. Manual application & approval required

My Verdict:

As of the date of publishing this article, I am unable to quote whether this is good for individual publishers or not. But this can definitely work out for large scale/premium publishers.




4. Clicksor

Google AdSense Alternatives 4


Enter Clicksor! Clicksor is one of the best alternative to Google AdSense. Clicksor displays advertisements related to their website content i.le. they use a similar advertising technology called “contextual advertising technology”. This will improve click-through rate and you will eventually end up with higher CTR on the ads you publish. They also offer ad customization features such as different size and ad formats.

They offer the following Ad formats:

  • Inline Text Links
  • Text Banners
  • Graphical Banner
  • Pop-Unders
  • Interstitial Ads

How much can you earn: 60% of advertising revenue generated by the website. May vary.

Payment Methods: Clicksor offers three payment methods:

1. PayPal payment in US dollars with a minimum payout of $50.

2. Check in US dollars with a minimum payout of $50.

3. Wire Transfer with a minimum payout of $1,000 and a $75 administration fee.

Payment Frequency/Terms: They pay publishers on Net 15 schedule. For example, revenue that you earn on March 31 would be sent to you on April 15.

Payment Minimum: Depends upon the Payment method you choose. Refer Payment Methods above.


1. The different ad formats & types they offer.


1. Minimum payout amount ($1000) is very huge, IMO & has an additional admin fee.

My Verdict:

Individual Publishers and Large scale publishers rejoice alike. They accept everyone, as long as your website complies with their TOS. So this is definitely the first place to start applying if you are looking for a quick start. So if you really want to start displaying ads & not end up paying them fees, then choose PayPal as your payment option. I consider it as one of the “best Google AdSense alternatives” out there in the market today!



5. Tribal Fusion

Google AdSense Alternatives 5

Tribal Fusion

TribalFushion is one of the top alternatives for Google AdSense. They offer following ad services:

  • Premium CPM advertising.
  • In-text advertising,
  • Lead generation portals
  • Performance marketing
  • High impact branding campaigns.

How much can you earn: 55% of advertising revenue generated by the website. May vary.

Payment Methods: They just mail a check in US dollars.

Payment Frequency/Terms: They pay publishers on Net 45 schedule.

Payment Minimum: They have a minimum payout of  $50.


1. Offer high eCPMs.

2. Target high quality content & hence provide high quality ads that can lead to more revenue for you.

3. Scan through their inventory dynamically to find the best advertiser.

4. Variety of Ad formats.


1. Have a minimum of 500,000 unique users/month.

2. Its own top-level domain URL. This means that you are running your website on a free host and specifically using a free sub-domain name & the main domain name does not belong to you, your website will be rejected.

3. Manual application required.

4. No PayPal payments.

My Verdict:

TribalFusion looks promising but their requirements are high, especially the one that asks a Publisher to have at least 500,000 unique users/month. Hence even though TribalFusion is a very good “alternative to Google Adsense”, I would not suggest it for everyone. For individuals, TribalFusion is definitely not an option if they have less than 500,000 unique users/month. For publishers who have more than 500,000 unique users/month, feel free to try out their service.




6. Ero Advertising

Google AdSense Alternatives 6

Ero Advertising

One of the best alternatives for Google AdSense is Ero Advertising. The biggest advantage of choosing Ero Advertising is that they allow ads to run on adult websites. They seem to have tie up with popular online brands, so that’s good news. That does not mean that you cannot run ads for regular websites. You sure can do that. They employ contextual advertising and also target users by demographics

How much can you earn: 55% of advertising revenue generated by the website. May vary.

Payment Methods: 3 methods.

1. Paypal

2. Wire Transfer

3. Paxum

Payment Frequency/Terms: Monthly or weekly payment

Payment Minimum: They have a minimum payout of 10 Euros.


1. If you had trouble finding a good alternative of Google AdSense for your adult website, then this would be perfect.

2. They offer lot of adult categories.

3. You can choose to accept/reject an advertiser ad. So you control the ads that appear on your website.

4. Display ads that generate more revenue, thus making you more profit.


1. Payments are made in Euros and not in Dollars.

My Verdict:

Undoubtedly Ero Advertising is an excellent “alternative to Google AdSense” as it pros outwiegh it’s cons by manyfold. Try them out today!




7. AdMagnet

Google AdSense Alternatives 7


They claim to display millions of ads daily.

How much can you earn: 55% of advertising revenue generated by the website. May vary.

Payment Methods:

Payment Frequency/Terms: They pay publishers on schedule.

Payment Minimum: They have a minimum payout of  $50.


1. High CPM.

2. Provide direct access to the best advertisers and agencies


1. They need a minimum of 1 million page views per month.

My Verdict:

Do not even think of this website, unless you have at least 1 million page views per month and if you do have such kind of viewership, it’s worth a try. It’s a very good alternative in India.




8. Infolinks

Google AdSense Alternatives 8


Infolinks is a popular website monetization company. Not only that, but it also regarded as one of the top alternatives for Google AdSense.  They use “smart ad units” that seem to overcome ad blindness and improve user engagement. They seem to show ads based on user intent. They employ  a Pay-Per-View model. So you generate revenue based on Ad views i.e. you get paid every time someone sees an ad, regardless of whether it was clicked or not.

They offer following solutions to Publisher:

Inframe: This lets you display ads on browser margin.

Insearch: This displays ads relevant to users’ searched terms when they arrive on your website via search engine.

Intag: This displays a tag cloud of keywords relevant to your content. Usually displays it in a horizontal list.

Intext: This selects best keywords automatically within your content and highlights them as an ad link. When user clicks on such a link, they will be shown the ad.

How much can you earn: 70% of advertising revenue generated by the website.

Payment Methods: Several. They are:

1. PayPal

2. Bank Wire

3. eCheck

4. Western Union

5. ACH (only for U.S. bank accounts)

6. Payoneer

Payment Frequency/Terms: They pay publishers on net 45 schedule.

Payment Minimum: They have a default minimum payout of  $50. This raises to a minimum payout of  $100 if you chose a Bank Wire or Western Union Transfer.

Payment Fees (incurred):

ACH – No fees

eCheck – $6 (plus 2% conversion fees if applicable)

Payoneer – No fees

PayPal – $1 for US residents and 2% (up to $10) for all other publishers

Western Union – $15 minimum fee


1. Different varieties of ads. Especially Intext.

2. High revenue generation of 70%.

3. Instant signup. Get started immediately soon after.


1. Generated revenue may be very less if there are no advertisers for the category of your blog/website.

2. Ads are not a part of your content. They always stand out.

My Verdict:

Infolinks is a fresh change in the world of website monetization and it is one of the high paying alternatives for Google AdSense. It does work as I have used it on my blog, but the revenue you earn can really depend a lot upon your website niche. They have no minimum impressions/visitors limit thereby making it an excellent choice regardless of  whether you are an Individual publisher or a large-scale publisher. It’s definitely worth a try!




9. SekiNdo

Google AdSense Alternatives 9


SekiNdo is a high paying alternative for Google AdSense. I say “high paying” because you get to control the ads shown in lots of aspects. They are different in the sense that they let you choose your most desired ads and affiliate programs. They also support different ad formats such as Banners, Texts, Buzzers, Rich Media & Super Converting Pop-Ups. You get to define ad spaces and choose the campaigns that will appear in them.

How much can you earn: You are in total control.

Payment Methods: cheques or wire transfers

Payment Frequency/Terms:

1. They pay publishers on net 30 basis.

2. They pay in US Dollars or a different currency, based on the relevant US Dollar rate on the payment date.

Payment process: In the middle of each month, they close the billing period of the previous month and a mail, with all the required information, is sent to each publisher which has reached the appropriate credit. The publisher should send the appropriate tax invoice not late than the 5th of the following month, while the invoice date has to be on the same month in which it was sent. When receiving the invoice, they will send the payment based on a net 30 basis. In case that either the invoice date is later than the relevant month, or the invoice was received after the 5th of the following month, the payment will be transferred accordingly, on a net 30 basis.

Payment Minimum: They have a minimum payout of  $50.


1. You get to decide on your own which advertisers you are interested in displaying, and which affiliate program you want to market.

2. You are in control of deciding what you want the pay model to be i.e. decide between CPM/CPS/CPA/CPC/CPL type of revenue and CPC/CPM/CPL/CPA/CPS types of prices.

3. Instant signup. Get started immediately soon after.


1. You are totally responsible for the earnings. This means you will have to spend time going through each of the offers manually and then decide what is best for you and then implement it manually.

2. You miss out on ads automation i.e. if a higher priced ad/offer is available and you miss out on it because you are short on time, well, you miss it!

3. Payment process is complicated to understand and involved many steps.

My Verdict:

It’s definitely worth trying out if you want total control of what gets displayed on your website and what you want to promote. Just make sure that you have additional time in order to do so. This is not a sign-up-place-ads-forget-it solution unlike Google AdSense. It needs additional work on your part to make the most out of monetization. Especially the payment process requires additional steps than what you would expect from a smooth payment routine and unfortunately, SekiNdo fails here. I really feel that any Publisher should not have to spend any more time on the Payment process, especially after he/she spends lot of time going through each of the offers manually and does everything manually. At the very least, SekiNdo should have seen to it that the payment is made whenever it is just requested thus reducing the number of steps in the process. The payment process definitely needs improvement. So try it if you are willing to put in huge time to understand their payment process as well & willing to go with it. I regard it as a good alternative to Google AdSense.




10. BidVertiser


Google AdSense Alternatives 10


Opting to go for BidVertiser is like running your own version of Google AdSense in your website. It’s one of the “best alternative”. All you do is simply display the BidVertiser ads on your website and let advertisers bid against each other. BidVertiser will then always display the highest bidders to maximize your earnings from the displayed ads. A latest addition to this is that they also pay for conversions. They supports 4 groups of ads: Banners, Inline Ads and Skyscrapers and all of these ads can be customized to fit your website’s look & feel.

How much can you earn: Depends upon how much advertisers bid to display ads on your website.

Payment Methods: 3 methods

1. Check

2. Wire

3. PayPal

Payment Frequency/Terms: They pay publishers on monthly basis.

Payment Minimum: They have a minimum payout of  $10.


1. Make money from both individual clicks and conversions.

2. Ads can be customized.

3. Very quick payments & very little minimum payout.

4. High CPC can be expected.

5. CPC + Conversions are paid.

6. Instant signup.


1. Can’t predict the amount of earnings every month. This can vary.

2. Ads may not be relevant to your website.

My Verdict:

Bidvertiser is definitely a delightful change. Because they let advertisers directly see and compete for your Ad space, you can expect only high revenue generating ads to be shown thereby earning you more. The downside of this is that the ads shown may not be related to the content of your website. This may not be such of a drawback if you don’t want to show related ads. So for example if your website is about clothing but the ads shown are about gardening, then you don’t have to worry about bounce rates very much because the user will more likely come back, after visiting the gardening ad, should he be interested in purchasing any gardening products. In other words, you are reducing competition for your website and possibly decreasing your bounce rates. I consider it as one of the “top alternatives”.




11. Buy Sell Ads

Google AdSense Alternatives 11


BuySellAds is a different type of advertising solution that lets you dictate your own pricing model and hence, it could serve as one of “best alternatives” that lets you take charge. Basically you assign vacant ad slots in your website such as sidebar, header area, footer, etc. and then assign a price that you would like to rent this space for. This price is then shown against your ad slot for a potential advertiser who can then rent that ad slot for the duration that you have specified. This means that no other ad will be shown in that place for the duration of the time that you have indicated. So simply put, you are “renting” space directly to advertisers. In the “rented” space the ads for only the advertiser who has bought he ad slot for the duration, will be able to show the ad. Here are the supported ad types:

  • Display (any size)
  • Display in RSS Feeds
  • Sponsored Tweets
  • Background Takeovers
  • Text Ads (not for SEO)
  • Image + Text
  • Email Newsletter
  • Custom

How much can you earn: You can easily earn hundreds to thousands of dollars each month if your website has a very good Google page rank.

Payment Methods:

1. Paypal

2. Check

3. Wire Transfer

Payment Fees: There is a $35 fee associated with cashouts made via Wire transfer.

Payment Frequency/Terms: N/A

Payment Minimum: Minimum amount you can cashout for PayPal is $20, Bank Check $50, and Wire Transfer $500.


1. You can easily rake in hundreds to thousands of dollars literally each month, if you have a popular website.

2. You are simply “renting” space for a fixed price and for a fixed duration. That’s it!

3. Instant signup.


1. You are supposed to wait until an advertiser sees your website as a very good place to market his ad. This means that it could cost you days or even months until you get your first advertiser.

2. No CPC, CPA, CPM, etc. So the same advertiser can get 0 clicks, 100 clicks or million clicks. You don’t earn anything extra from the amount of clicks you send to them.

3. If you rent your advertising space for a lesser price and advertiser gets large amount of clicks/conversions, you can’t do anything about it. That would mean that you just burnt yourself when in fact you could have priced that specific ad slot at a higher rate.

4. Need a minimum of 50,000+ monthly impressions each month in order for your website’s renting space to become available for advertisers.

My Verdict:

BuySellAds is an excellent tool to use, especially if you know what your website is worth. If you are sure that you have a large amount of traffic and receive tons of traffic, then your ad slots will be booked like hot selling cheese cakes. Or if the atmosphere of your website is cold, then your ad space may not be rented as quickly as you expected them to and even worse, you may not receive an advertiser for days or even months. So this is definitely not an option if you are just starting out, but definitely an excellent choice once your website starts pulling in heavy traffic each day. I consider it as one of the “best AdSense alternatives”.




12. Chitika

Google AdSense Alternatives 12


Chitika is an advertising portal that displays contextual ads. Chitika ads can also be run alongside of other ads such as Google AdSense ads. They lets you display the following kinds of ads to earn revenue:

1. Search targeted: This make sure that the ads on your site are seen by users who are interested in the ad content.

2. Mobile: This allows publishers to show ads to their visitors in a mobile format to any iOS or Android user.

3. Local ads: This allows you to display local ads to your site’s visitors based on their location.

How much can you earn: Depends largely on whether ads or shown or not.

Payment Methods: 2 methods

1. PayPal

2. Check

Payment Frequency/Terms: They make payments on net 30 schedule.

Payment Minimum: They have a minimum payout of  $10 for PayPal and $50 for checks.


1. Displays contextual ads.

2. Ads can be run alongside of ads from other networks such as Google AdSense.

3. Instant signup.


1. Different levels of Ad program. They qualify you for an ad program based upon your website content. Silver & Gold.

2. You will need to have at least 5000 impressions per day from US Search Engine to be approved for Gold plan.

3. Ads customization available only for Premium plan.

4. Premium ads will only show to traffic originating from US search engines.

My Verdict:

I have mixed feelings for Chitika. A new publisher would not know how good/bad his website content is and it makes sense on part of Chitika to decide it for the publisher. But in cases where the publisher is aware of the market value of his content and attracts lot of visitors, it does not make sense if Chitika still does not consider him for a Gold level. Additionally, it’s a again an extra step to apply for Gold level. The only other way around having to manuallly apply for a Gold plan is to start using Silver plan and then have Chitika decide based upon the traffic your website sends them. So if you don’t mind starting out small and then applying for Gold plan in future, you can try Chitika. I regard it as a good alternative to Google AdSense.




13. Adhitz

Google AdSense Alternatives 13


Adhitz appeals very well to ordinary website owners and bloggers and lets them monetize their websites & blogs. All you have to do is add your website to their database, create ad zones, set the pricing and indicate the type of ads allowed. Once you enter this info, some HTML code will be generated that you will need to add to your website source code to start showing ads. They offer 13 different sizes for text ads and 4 different sizes for image ads to choose from. There are basically 2 streams of ads that you can earn revenue from. They are

1. Site Specific Ads – With these ads the advertiser elects to advertise on your website only and not on the whole network of websites. With Site Specific advertising you set the ad rates, and keep 70% of that amount.

2. Network Ads – These are considered “filler” ads and add to your income when they are available. Advertisers will pay a flat rate between $0.03 and $0.12 per valid click, the Publisher gets 70% of that amount. The value of the click is determined by the country where the click originated.

How much can you earn: Varies.

Payment Methods: Paypal & Payza

Payment Frequency/Terms: Payments are sent once a month on or before the 10th of each month.

Payment Minimum: You select.


1. Large variety of ad types & sizes.

2. Instant signup.


1. If you price your ads too high, you might scare off advertisers. If you price them too low, you might burn yourself.

My Verdict:

Adhitz could be a very good option if you wish to gain control of the pricing structure. It’s similar to BuySellAds in functionality and differ in the way that they don’t apply stringent rules unlike BuySellAds does when it comes to having impressions & visitors. So if you are a new publisher and would like to dictate your own prices for your own ads, go for Adhitz and price your ads low, especially when you are starting out. Once you get a feel of how things are working out, you can always raise your prices in future. I regard it as one of the best alternative considering the variety and options they have to offer.




14. Yieldads


Google AdSense Alternatives 14


Yieldads seems to be a promising online advertising sales network. They boast about their network has serving over 2.1 billion impressions with over 2,000 advertisers spanning 93 countries every month with increasing numbers. They offer the following ad formats: Leaderboard, skyscraper, rectangle, banner, layer, pop-up and pop-under.

How much can you earn: 60% of advertising revenue generated by the website. May vary.

Payment Methods: 2 methods. Paypal and wire transfer.

Payment Frequency/Terms: In order to receive payment, your will need to submit an invoice with complete payment information to them before or on the 25th of the month for earnings accumulated in the previous month. PayPal users will need to submit a scanned copy of their passport / ID. Payment will then be made within the first and second week of the following month.

Payment Minimum: They have a minimum payout of  $50 for PayPal and US $100.00 for bank transfer. If your account balance is less than US $50.00, the existing earnings will be rolled over into next month.


1. They accept non-English traffic and non-English advertisers.

2. Good variety of ads.


1. Ads may take upto 24 hours to appear on your website from the time your place them.

2. Payment terms are non-standard & need extra steps.

3. Sign up is instant but you will need to wait for your login info.

My Verdict:

Yieldads looks promising.  The only thing that I find non-appealing is that they ask for information such as Passport/ID copy to send payments via PayPal. I do understand that they do it for security purposes but at the same time, if the details are not handled properly, there could be a chance of privacy theft. This is something you will need to think of carefully if you choose them & wish to get paid quickly via PayPal. Other than this, I do not see any other issue with them & I suggest you to try them out if you are comfortable with the idea of proving your identity to them, if you choose to get paid via PayPal. Nevertheless, it could be regarded as an excellent alternative to Google AdSense.



15. Skimlinks

Google AdSense Alternatives 15


Skimlinks looks like one another promising online advertising agency and can be regarded as an excellent “alternative to Google AdSense”. They focus product-related content so make sure you have lots of them. You can use Skimlinks to monetize any/all of the following: Blogs & Editorial, News Sites, Forums & Communities,  Publisher Platforms, Content Networks. They basically do affiliate marketing. All you have to do is simply focus on your website and write content and then use their ad code. Their ad code will simply track links & keywords from your content & will turn them into equivalent affiliate links. This way, you will avoid distracting ads, banners. So its all about content & the rest is done seamlessly. You can also earn more when you use social sharing website such as  Facebook, Twitter or even your regular email to publish & share content.

How much can you earn: 75% of advertising revenue generated by the website.

Payment Methods: 4 methods:

1. PayPal

2. UK bank transfer

3. US bank transfer

4. US Check

Payment Frequency/Terms: They pay at the end of each month as long as it meets the payment minimum amount.

Payment Minimum: They have a minimum payout of  $10/€8/£7.


1. Expect high earnings as they have stringent rules for accepting new publishers.

2. They need good traffic + product focused content. So if your website already contains this, expect to make some big $$$.


1. Your website will need significant amount of traffic originating in North America, Europe or Australia.

2. Your website will need to have product focused content in majority.

3. You will need to be well established & should have high quality traffic.

4. Your website will be manually reviewed and only after getting approved, you will be accepted into their system.

My Verdict:

If you are a new publisher then just go ahead & skip Skimlinks. They will not approve you, so it’s simply not worth to spend any more time trying to apply to join their network. On the other hand, if you have already an established website/blog & have product focused content, then go ahead & apply. Chances are high you will be accepted and you will make good amount of money out of your website monetization.




16. Kontera

Google AdSense Alternatives 16


Konter’a basic principle of advertising relies on envisioning the world’s content, social conversations and trending topics and displays ads based upon this information. They “discover” content based upon the content that resulted from the searches and these searched websites could include brand owned sites and destinations, affiliated sites, specific authority sites, and social destinations like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Ads are highly targeted to the existing content.

How much can you earn: N/A

Payment Methods: N/A

Payment Frequency/Terms: N/A

Payment Minimum: N/A


1. Since the ads are highly targeted, the resultant revenue could be expected to be more.


1. No information available on Payment Methods, Payment Terms, Payment Freqency, etc.

My Verdict:

From the looks of it, Kontera could be a good source to be chosen for online website monetization. But they are missing out on key pieces of information such as the Payment information and that does not help a wanna-be publisher. Kontera should really look into improving the information they provide to the publishers. You can try Kontera, but make sure that you get the payment information before you apply so that you know what to expect. It is a good alternative.




17. Luminate

Google AdSense Alternatives 17


Luminate is one of the best, excellent alternatives. It has a very unique approach towards advertising.Most of their attention is focused towards making images interactive. The basic principle of Luminate is to take an image and highlight parts of image that can be used for advertising. For example, if there is an image of lady with beautiful ear-rings, then her ear-rings are highlighted with special marker and when a user hovers over that, the user is shown an ad that shows the name of an ear-ring along with its associated cost and link to purchase/view that ear-ring. This way, even the inanimate objects are being brought to life! And then publishers get paid based upon the pricing for either the click or for the action. This is just one of the cool features of Luminate.

How much can you earn: Varies.

Payment Methods: 2 methods. PayPal  & Paper check in mail.

Payment Frequency/Terms: As long as the payment meets the minimum payout limit, the payment will be issue by the end of the following month.

Payment Minimum: They have a minimum payout of  $10. Publisher can manually raise the value up to $500.


1. It’s a never seen before kind of really cool advertising.

2. Advertising takes form of apps & there are different apps that could be taken use of to earn more revenue. There are other kinds of apps such as Overlay Ads apps, etc.


1. It’s not the typical ads that you would expect. Ads are not inline. Rather, they appear on top of content, especially images.

My Verdict:

Luminate is a very different & unique type of advertising solution. If you are tired of routine banners or if you host a website/blog that showcases more images than text, then Luminate would be the best alternative for you.




18. TechnoratiMedia

Google AdSense Alternatives 18

Technorati Media

TechnoratiMedia could be one of good alternates for Google AdSense as they operate the largest social media advertising network. They offer high CPMs and boast of campaigns from top brand advertisers that are being offered at the highest possible rates.

How much can you earn: Varies.

Payment Methods: 2 methods. PayPal and Check.

Payment Frequency/Terms: They pay publishers on net 60 schedule.

Payment Minimum: They have a minimum payout of  $50.


1. Offers CPM as well as CPC.


1. The eCPM can be very low at times. As low as $0.09 per 1000 impressions.

2. They looks at a variety of factors when reviewing a site for our network. Some of these include site quality, traffic rank, visitor demographics, content and category.

3. Reporting is very obsolete. You have to generate a report and wait for it to be generated/email to you. This could take somewhere from 5-10+ minutes.

My Verdict:

TechnoratiMedia is a great value advertising when it comes to finding a good alternative for Google AdSense. They combine the offers of CPC & CPM, which is great. Unfortunately,they fail at reporting, which should have been really easy. The report system is much of a hassle to handle. I have used them and I left them my feedback. The replied stating that they have considered my voice and they are working on upgrading their reporting system and it will be done (hopefully) in the first quarter of 2013. So I have my fingers crossed. If you are new publisher, then wait for few months & post some original quality content before applying to them or your website stands at the risk of being rejected. If you are an established blogger already, go ahead & try them out. Try to keep a tab on reporting and see how the CPM works out for you. If it’s too less, then it could be better to try another advertising solution.




19. Blogads

Google AdSense Alternatives 19


Blogads truly could be the top paying alternative as they specialize in blog advertising. You are in total control of the ad pricing, placement, etc. Some of the key features include, but not limited to the following:

  • You can set your own prices
  • You can accept/reject ads
  • You can customize ads appearance
  • Advertisers can directly purchase directly on your website
  • Earning additional commission by referring advertisers

How much can you earn: Varies.

Payment Methods: 3 Methods. Paypal, Check, Wire Transfer

Payment Frequency/Terms: They pay publishers on 15th of each month, as long as it meets the minimum payout requirement.

Payment Minimum: They have a minimum payout of  $75 for PayPal & at least $750 for Check or Wire Transfer.


1. You control many aspects of the ads & can choose what ads to display.

2. Have the ability to accept/reject ads.

3. You can join a hive to earn more revenue.


1. Minimum payout amount is more for PayPal by $25.

2. Minimum payout amount is way too high for Check/Wire Transfer.

3. If you price your ads too high, it could take a long time to get your ad slots booked thus causing you a loss in the proces.

My Verdict:

If you want total control of the ads and would like to be solely responsible for your earnings, then go for BlogAds as it gives you all of this. It operates differently from Google AdSense but still can be considered as a very good alternative because of the benefits it offers.




20. Taggify

Google AdSense Alternatives 20


One of the best alternatives is Taggify. It provides primarily the following services:

  • Photofy: Specific parts of an image can be tagged so that the relevant advertiser ad can be shown for the item indicated by the tag (similar to Luminate ).
  • Vidiofy: Monetize your videos! Ads are displayed while a video (YouTube, etc.) loads on your website.
  • Linkify: Make outgoing links generate revenue for you.
  • Textify: Make certain keywords in your articles to display advertiser ads automatically. Linkify them (similar to Infolinks Intext).

How much can you earn: Varies.

Payment Methods: 2 methods. PayPal & Wire Transfer.

Payment Frequency/Terms: They pay publishers on net 30 schedule.

Payment Minimum: They have a minimum payout of  $100.


1. Offers both CPC & CPM rates.

2. Offers scope for interesting ad ideas such as the Photofy.


1. Minimum PayPal payment amount is $100 ($50 over the standard payout).

2. Heavily dependent upon quality content to show high quality ad as the ads are targeted by keywords by advertisers.

My Verdict:

Taggify definitely serves as one of the best alternatives out there.





So the above are the 20 Top High Paying Best alternatives for Google AdSense that you can use to monetize your blog/website. My quick suggestion for both new individuals and established companies alike it to try “Clicksor” as I find them offering very standard services at excellent prices on par with Google AdSense.

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