Ajax Reviews 2018-Best plugin that meets all expectations

AJAX Reviews

Let customers easily submit product reviews without full page reload. Customize feedback form and send responsive follow up emails to motivate shoppers write more reviews.

Possibility to write reviews without page reloading
Highly customizable review window
Responsive triggered emails to customers
Admin notifications of pending reviews
Ability to share customer reviews
30 Days moneyback
50% Off updates
120 Days free support

Take advantage of naturally generated content

What influences customer decision making? How do store visitors determine which products to purchase and whether to purchase them at all? In most cases they rely on other customers’ feedback.

That’s why an easy-to-use Magento review system allowing online shoppers to share their opinion about the products they buy is a real ‘must have’ for any online merchant. Moreover, customer reviews are a fertile ground for highly relevant naturally generated SEO content.

With the AJAX Reviews extension you can add a handy Magento review form to product pages and enable store visitors write and submit reviews without full page reloading. Easily send responsive post purchase emails to encourage customers leave more reviews and increase your store credibility.

Effectively manage reviews display

Display Reviews wherever you need

Improve your Magento and add review form to product page at any place. Advanced customer reviews tool enables you to choose where to display the feedback form tab:

  • Standard place;
  • Additional product info tab;
  • Custom place;

It’s also possible to disable the reviews tab at any time you need.

Provide customers with tips on how to write a review

Help customers write helpful product reviews. Display customizable pop-up window with review tips and specify the text for a button label.

Enable customers to vote for reviews

Improve the quality of product reviews by letting store visitors vote for them. This small, but very helpful feature will encourage customers to write informative reviews, thus creating useful high quality content on your product pages.

Display social buttons

Want to draw more traffic to your store? Let customers spread the word about your products in social networks. Place social buttons under each review so that one can easily share product comments with others.

Automatically save non-submitted review

In case a customer closes the pop-up window with a non-submitted product review, it will be automatically saved. When the pop-up is opened again, all previously written information will be in its place so that the customer won’t have to write a new product comment.

Thank customers for their reviews

With the advanced reviews tool you can enable the display of a ‘Thank you’ dialog window. Specify the text that will be placed in the window as well as the button label. In case the review is positive, an image with a thumb up is added.

Specify the number of reviews per page

Specify how many reviews will be displayed on a product page at a time. To see a new portion of reviews customers will need to click the Load More button.

magento ajax reviews extension

Advanced style settings

Gravatar icons support

What is gravatar? It’s a globally unique avatar which is uploaded on the Gravatar service. This image is displayed when a person leaves a comment in a blog post or a product review. The extension supports gravatar service and allows using its icons for product comments. If a customer doesn’t have a gravatar, a default icon will be displayed instead.

Choose rating figures

It’s possible to choose either stars or hearts as rating indicators. You can also specify the color of rating figures to match your online store theme.

Custom label for first review

You can specify your own label text that will be displayed on the button for the first review.

First name letter as an icon

This type of avatar enables you to display the first letter of a customer nickname as an avatar icon. The module also allows using the mixed type of avatar display. It means that when a customer doesn’t have a gravatar on Gravatar service, a letter icon will be displayed instead of the default image.

magento ajax reviews extension

Send notifications and triggered emails

Inform admins of pending reviews

Easily notify admin users about newly submitted Magento ajax reviews that should be approved. The default email template includes a link to the corresponding product in your store, the review text and the ‘Approve’/ ‘Reject’ buttons. Therefore, it’s possible to approve or deny product reviews right from your email box.

magento ajax reviews extension

Send triggered post purchase emails

The module enables you to send a notification, which suggests leaving a review in a few days after the order is complete. Extension settings allow you to:

    • Select one or several order statuses that will trigger the emails dispatch;
    • Define the number of days after which the notification will be sent to a customer;
    • Specify the interval between sent notifications if a customer ordered more than one product;
    • Send emails for one item from different orders: if a customer buys one and the same product several times, he/she will receive only one email;

Customers will be redirected to the reviews page after clicking the ‘Review this item’ button right from the email template.

Handy emails preview

Use quick email preview option to check the email before sending it to a customer.

Send emails to previous customers

Send triggered emails to customers who’d made purchases in your store before you installed the extension. It will definitely increase the number of reviews on your product pages.

Send a test email copy

Before sending follow-ups to customers, you can send a test copy to your email to check how it looks. This easy step will help you detect any mistakes or inaccuracies and immediately correct them.

Advanced Options

  • Ability to send customer notification for any order status
  • Ability to cancel a customer notification
  • Automatic post-purchase mails cancellation after order cancellation
  • Automatic post-purchase mails cancellation after item return
  • Automatic mail cancellation if a customer already left a review
  • Default ‘Waiting for sending’ filter for mails after purchase
  • Rating display in Google with Rich Snippets extension
  • Ability to add rich snippets markup
  • A link to leave a first review next to a product name
  • Custom text display: upper case, lower case
  • Color icons for non-Latin nickname letters

Therefore, if you are looking for an easy way to generate more content for your online store on Magento, add a review form to product pages and the results will not slow to arrive! You can also send review reminders to get more feedback from your clients.

Other Features

  • 100% Open Source — Easy To Customize
  • Follows Magento Code Architecture
  • Separated HTML/CSS/JS
  • W3C Validated Code


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