Poptm Review 2018-A higher click through rate

Recently Adsense has brought out for the publishers the page-level and pop-under ads for mobile devices. The main advantage of these pop-under ads is that they have a higher click through rate even from the mobile devices.

In the recent times, about 30% of the organic traffic to blogs or websites is from smartphones or tablets. That, too, proves the necessity to have higher click through from the mobile devices. At this stage the pop-under ads are surely a boost to both the advertisers and the publishers.

Adsence not approved? Or is your adsence account banned?Are You Having Huge Traffic But Is Unable To Monetize Your  Blog Well?

If you are unable to take the advantage of the pop-under or page-level ads on your blogs or websites then it is a major setback to your monetizing process.
But as is said, ‘Every problem has a solution. You just needvbe in the right path to find the solution.’ You too are in the right path if you are reading thisarticle.

Poptm – Equally Profitable Both To TheAdvertiser And The Publisher.

Features For Publishers.
Poptm is a growing pop-under and ad network that can increase your(publisher)
revenue by 100%. At the same time you(advertiser) can also easily reach your
targeted niche audience using this platform. This platform provides both the
advertisers and the publishers reliable targeting options and powerful tools to
benefit the most.

High CPM Rates.

Poptm works only with reputed and high paying advertisers and equally shares the revenue with the publishers with high CPM rates. The ads provided by Poptm are always top quality ads and highly paying too. They also have a reliable spam detection process. Poptm shares 95% of their revenue with the publishers and
also if the visitors have the Alexa toolbars installed on their surfing browsers, they share 10% extra eCPM.

Perfect For Newbies In The Industry.

If you are still a newbie but you are driving considerable traffic, Poptm is the best Adsence pop-under ads alternative. They don’t have any specific requirements or traffic standards to get approval. You can simply sign up for Poptm and access the features immediately.

You Choose Your Niche.

Poptm ads can be published on any niche websites or blogs. You can even monetize your adult sites if they have smooth traffic and clean, legal, non-copied contents.

Bypassing Adblocker.

The Adblock feature works simply by blocking the ads by domains. Thus, it can get a large list of blacklisted domains and as soon as the pop up ad appears the network is immediately added to the Adblock plugin. Poptm assures 99.9% of profit by bypassing the Adblock plugin which lets you work freely. Thus the ads provided by Poptm are highly advanced.

Highly Beneficial For Advertisers.

Features For Advertisers.

Poptm stuffs a lot of amazing features for the advertisers too. An optimum advertising platform is set to support low cost advertising feature. The cost per visitor for this platform is just 0.01%. You can further negotiate the rate by contacting their dedicated live support.

Poptm offers an amazing business opportunity for start-ups and new companies by providing very cheap rates to promote their websites and business. The minimum deposit asked for a campaign is just $10.

Poptm approves your campaign if all the guidelines are fulfilled honestly. This proves the dedication level of their 24*7 support.Poptm is having millions of publishers from all over the world and thus you can find traffic from any part of the world. You are promised with higher ROI due to multiple optimizations and targeting.

The best part of Poptm is that if you feel that the campaigns are not working well for your business, you can ask for refund from their support. You will be refunded the unspent amount without any hesitation.

Poptm has advanced and unique fraud detection techniques to detect fake traffic.

Multiple Ad Formats.

Ad Formats.

Poptm being the pop-under advertising network offers only pop up ads. There are two types of pop-ups- Simple and Rotating. The rotating feature allows you to bypass any type of Adblock.

Real-Time System Status.

Real Time Statistics.

Poptm serves a real-time reporting system. You can vividly analyze the performance of your ads. This tool provides you all kinds of details that you are looking for.

For Publishers

  1. Adblock Bypassing Technology
  2. Anytime Payment
  3. Quick Domain Validation
  4. Zone Based Stats
  5. Dedicated Manager
  6. Boost Your Revenue
  7. Two Factor Authentication
  8. Advanced Referral System
Types of Engagement Actions CPM, CPV
Ad formats Popup, Popunder
Site Requirements Most websites are accepted (including adult websites)
Payment On Request
Minimum Payout $10 (PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin)
Minimum Pageviews None
Referral Commission Get $25 on your earning. When he spends or earns $25
Contact Email: support@poptm.com
Skype: poptm.com
Webpage: Contact

For Advertiser

Types of Engagement Actions CPM, CPV
Fee Setup None
Minimum Deposit $10
  1. Instant updated detailed statistics of your campaign
  2. Very quick campaign approval.
  3. Online support through many instant messengers and through email.
  4. Minimum deposit amount is only $10 with no campaign minimum budget.
  5. Many targeting & optimizing possibilities and various traffic sources.
  6. No limits. We pay for all visitors, worldwide traffic.
  7. You choose when to start a campaign, pause or stop it.
  8. Real time stats. We provide you powerful tools to analyse your income.
Contact Email: support@poptm.com
Skype: poptm.com
Webpage: Contact


Minimum Payout.

You can withdraw your earning once you reach $10. Thats quite the lowest payout rate offered by any ad network in the industry. You can get your payments processes on daily basis. However the amount may take even 24 hours to get credited in your Paypal accounts. Paypal is teh basic payout option. However soon Paxum and Wire
Transfer will also be enabled.

Refferal Program.

Once you are an experienced and successful marketer of Poptm get your friends and followers to use Poptm. Ask them to use your referral link and you will earn 10% referral bonus from their lifetime earning.

Poptm is a simple way to earn if your blog or website is driving passive traffic. Poptm is worth a try if you use the pop under ads wisely.

Poptm lets you earn extra from their referral program.

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