DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Review 2018-Get the highest value for every impression

DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP)


DoubleClick for Publishers is owned by Google. Google purchased DART for Publishers back in 2008 and renamed it DoubleClick for Publishers. DFP is free to use if you’re serving less than 90 million ad impressions a month. DFP also offers premium services for publishers that have large sales teams who need more advanced features. This is one of the most popular ad serving platforms currently available.


Scale with ease

DoubleClick supports publishers of all shapes and sizes, and offers free ready to use solutions for sites below a certain ad impressions threshold.With a robust tools and analytics set, DoubleClick for Publishers has everything you need to monetize from day one.Eligible publishers get one-on-one support from experts at Google to help them maximize revenue.

Reach audiences anywhere

Serve ads to your mobile sites, apps, and desktop; all from one place.Manage who sees your ads, when they see them and where they appear with a robust set of targeting tools. Ad delivery is simple and reliable thanks to Google’s massive processing power and scale.Scale your web, mobile, and video inventory with confidence thanks to Google AdSense and DoubleClick Ad Exchange integration.

Deploy native and video ads

Make an impact on any screen with beautiful, compelling ads that flex to any kind of mobile device.Seamless cross-screen integration and native and video advertising tools help you reach audiences in the right moment, wherever it happens.

Maximize programmatic revenue

Manage your direct sales and third party advertising networks on one unified platform.Optimize your revenue and get access to millions of advertisers with advanced features like Exchange Bidding, optimized private auctions and Dynamic Allocation.Give your advertisers programmatic access to premium inventory with Programmatic Guaranteed.

Grow with confidence

Smarter decisions and advanced programmatic offerings guarantee the right ad is delivered to the right person every time.Cutting-edge yield management features ensure you get the most value for every impression.Our best-in-class malware and fraud protection lets you focus on making the most of your publication.


  • Free: Use is free for publishers that serve less than 90 million ad impressions per month.
  • AdSense Integration: Easily integrates with AdSense. This is a big plus if you heavily rely on AdSense revenue. While using multiple networks, you can maximize your revenue by having your AdSense ads displayed in unsold ad spots.
  • Intuitive User Interface: DFP is quick to learn and easy to use. The interface is extremely intuitive and great for beginners.
  • Great Reporting: The reporting tools are robust and extensive. They are very flexible and easy to configure just the way you want.
  • Targeting and Segmentation: With Google’s extensive data collection practices, DFPs targeting and segmentation features can’t be matched by any other ad serving platform.
  • Support: Google has always been known for great support. Their DFP support team is top notch, helpful and friendly.


  • Price: When something is free, you’re the product. And Google could also suddenly start charging with little notice to publishers.
  • Owned by Google: Google is known for suddenly dropping products and services. We don’t think they’ll drop DFP, but the possibility exists.

DoubleClick for Publishers is one of the easiest ad server platforms to use. Whether you’re just starting out with ad serving or if you need extensive reporting, this may be the ad serving platform for you.


Source Double Click by Google

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