Webtrends Review 2018 – The Best Analyticle Marketing Platform?

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Webtrends A Unique website analytics platform

The Webtrends website analytics platform is a complete digital optimization tool for your brand that establishes key audience metrics and 3rd party insights into what’s being said about your enterprise and where it’s being said. Webtrends measures social media and mobile users to give you a more indepth grasp of your audiences. Once identifies, Webtrends helps you segment these users by demographics, age etc., so you can in turn create strategies to reachout and maximize your personal online selling potential.
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Webtrends comes with multiple on video tutorials, regular live webinars, email and telephone support as well as demo versions.

Key Features of Webtrends

  • Digital Measurement
  • Multi-Channel Measurement
  • Heatmaps™
  • Webtrends Streams®
  • Website Measurement
  • SAP Integration
  • Collaboration Measurement
  • Social Measurement
  • Mobile Measurement
  • Mobile & Social Optimization
  • Online Testing
  • Targeting & Segmentation
  • Optimization for Retail
  • Optimization for Travel
  • Optimization for Finance
  • Facebook Campaigns
  • Email Remarketing
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Ad Spend Optimization
  • Training resources


Digital Measurement, Multi-Channel Measurement and Heatmaps™ – Webtrends assesses your online platforms (eg. website, forum, blog, social media, press releases etc.) via the one reporting dashboard to display real-time search trends and visitor insights with the ability to scale visitors mouse-downs, clicks and click-outs through heatmap detection.

Webtrends Streams®, Website Measurement and SAP Integration – Webtrends allows you to completely customize your reporting dashboard by adding and taking away certain feeds or sources. Once these Webtrends Streams® have been taking away you can measure the effectiveness of your website on different levels. Webtrends is also completely integratable with SAP, allowing you to view your entire SAP portfolio from within the main Webtrends login.

Social and Mobile Measurement, Targeting and Segmentation – Webtrends gathers and assesses your enterprises online traffic sources from mobile and social. With the growing number of mobile search users each month, Webtrends identifies trends among these people so you can segment audiences and create marketing/reachout strategies.

Training resources, packages and support – Webtrends offer a vast amount of online training videos to help you get setup and analyzing as well as scalable plans and online support – telephone support included based on your subscription.

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