Zergnet review 2018 : Get huge traffic to your blog or site


Zergnet is one of the best traffic generation networks in world. The company was launched in 2002 and headquartered in US. This innovative idea is backed by successful American Entrepreneur Mark Cuban. One can go through his blog to know him more. It is serving more than 400 million article recommendations per month. It’s a great way to get traffic to your blog or site.


How ZergNet works

One might be familiar with content recommendation platforms. This network may look similar but the basic motive is different. Publishers can actually monetize their content with Outbrain, Taboola, Disqus and Content.ad. But, publishers can’t make money with ZergNet.


1.PopAds.net   2.Popcash  3.adtuf   4. AdsTyphoon   5.SisterAds 6.hilltopads  7.popmyads 8.cpmfast

9. propellerads   10. safelinku    11. AdWork Media  12.AdLockMedia Review   13.ProLeadsMedia   

14. AdGate Media  15.Adludum  

So what is the purpose of it? Simple, it’s traffic. Yes you heard it right. Publishers can drive huge traffic to their blogs or sites using this source.

Publishers need to create widget to get started. You have absolute freedom to customize the widget in terms of dimensions and fonts. Publishers have to choose the relevant categories from Video games, Movies, Men’s Lifestyle, Entertainment News, Food and Drink and Sports. Once you get satisfied with the widget you can add Javascript code on site. In the meantime Zergnet review your site.

Once accepted zergnet will promote your content on partner sites. Eventually your site get flooded with huge traffic.

ZergNet recommendations

Requirements for publishers to join ZergNet

  • There are no traffic requirements to join this network. But quality matters most.
  • It works with premium sites having great content and engaging audience.
  • Sites hosted on free blogging platforms like Blogspot cannot join this network.
  • Sites must not host any illegitimate content.


  • Easiest sign-up process
  • Genuine company
  • Free and easy way of getting site traffic.
  • High quality links
  • Real-time stats
  • Referral program
  • Great support


  • Small publishers can’t join this premium network.
  • No monetization
  • The widget may affect your Adsense earning.
  • This widget won’t work with other traffic exchange networks.

Referral Program

Publishers receive 30% of the referring sites traffic.

Final conclusion :

zergNet works for premium sites having decent traffic and impressive content. Hope this zergNet review help publishers to take action.

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