Future of Google’s Algorithm is changing: SEO ranking Factors 2018

Google Algorithm

“Technology is evolving & penetrating into the lives of people every other second.”


No one today is untouched from the Growth of technology and its influence. SEO has a big impact on the online businesses and their visibility on the global platform. Search engines are coming up with new algorithms according to the rising technologies and their global acceptance. Almost every algorithm and its purpose revolve around the user experience. SMOZ has recently come up with its periodic survey to measure the effectiveness of present Google algorithms wherein Top SEO minds have rated various influential factors that are expected to have a major impact on the rankings of website in 2016.



On a scale of 1 (not influential) to 10 (highly influential) these are the factors that are expected to give user the experience that will help them boost their popularity.

The only major factors that will be complementing your web rankings will be

  • Mobile friendliness
  • Recognition
  • and readability

Summarizing the crux in one line – “Readability and mobile friendliness are closely related and gives your brand Recognition” we will discuss the elements that will be impacting SEO rankings in 2015

Domain-level link authority features

The most important factor that will help in effective performance of any website is the Quantity and quality of unique linking domains at the domain level.

Topical relevancy will also be an important ranking factor. Without the use of exact phrase or anchor text, relevant long-tail and mid-tail synonyms to the main subjects, still will help pages rank well for the queries.

Page-level link-based features

High quality link will be the ruling ranking factor for 2015

Page-level social features

  • High quality link will be the ruling ranking factor for 2015.
  • Genuine tweets, shares & likes will definitely be ranking boosters for the websites.
  • Post the recent contract between Google and twitter that Google does not count twitters ranking contribution except for news-able content. So ideally Social contribution does not directly influence on Google Algorithm but yes definitely correlates to.

Keyword Features

  • It is expected that keywords are necessary but not enough to rank well. Build a page relevant to the query with the effective usage of long phrases. Dig keywords according to your business and work for relevant page appearance in response to the query.
  • Titles are very important part and should be well written in accordance to the search query. Correlate the purpose of webpage & keywords and work out of the best suitable matching query syntax.
  • Speed up your visibility with the keywords usage as log trails according to the search queries and in titles & webpage content.

 Future of the search


  • Though the incoming links and anchor text are influential however they will be controlled by the presence or absence of engagement factors
  • Mobile will again be the major source of search traffic contribution. Structured data matching query intent, localization, and device-specific needs will be the add ons to the SEO rankings.

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