When you are looking for something on the internet, the first thing that comes to your mind is Google.  It is said to be the biggest and the most used search engine on the internet. But, there are other search engines also such as Bing and Yahoo who are also being used worldwide by millions of people to look for information. The point here is that how important each of these search engines is to add to the success of your internet marketing strategy.

How to stack up?

There is a need to understand the importance of each of the three search engines mentioned above. This is because each of them has a different clientage and a different group of people who visit them to look for desired information. You have to stack them up according to the number of users that pay visits frequently. According to the survey done in the year 2012, the following are the share figures of each of the search engines we are discussing here.

  • Google – 86%
  • Bing – 7%
  • Yahoo – 3%

Just like Google, Bing and yahoo also offer pay-per-click advertising which is known to bring great results for the businesses behind them. Google is said to be the most dominant search engine, but this does not mean that we can let go of the importance of Bing and yahoo as internet marketing platform. Setting up an online marketing campaign on Google, yahoo and Bing are very simple. Even if someone is unable to understand the criteria or is facing any kind of issue, then there are many helpful resources to provide guidance. Following are a few ways to get more clients to your business through ads.

Wise keyword selection

Keywords are the basically the words used by the user to look up for their desired items or service on the internet. Let us discuss an example here to get a clear picture. For example, if you have clothing brand you need to search the most frequently used words that have earlier been used by people to look for clothes on the internet. This will give you the idea that what people actually write to look for desired items. Keywords are usually same for all search engines. So, you can use the same keywords on all the three search engines, so when a potential customer looks for clothes; your brand makes it to the list.

Landing page optimization

When designing an ad you must ensure that the ad lands on the page which is delivering all that is mentioned in the ad. It is the ad that gives the first impression, but if the user will no find anything relevant or interesting behind the ad he will not visit your official website for the nest time.

Data tracking and analysis

All the search engines are wealthy with immense knowledge. You should know the ways to interpret the data and make possible opportunities out of it. Making most out of the opportunities will bring success to your business.

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