LinkedIn Advertising Vs Google Adwords -Tips & Tricks 2018

LinkedIn advertising is the most fined tuned focused advertising tactic among the other ones.  I found this as the most affordable as well as targeted digital marketing strategy, when compared to Google adwords.

Google, being a champion of search and giant holding all the web pages throughout the internet, you can see the keyword bid and cost moving to a skyscraper level these days. Previously, it worked for both B2C as well as B2B businesses, even they considered Google as their major medium of online advertising. But now, because of the very high existing competition and ever trending bids and costs, companies are looking for other ways including LinkedIn PPC. PPC in LinkedIn is comparatively very new, so you can see only few of your competitors competing against you at LinkedIn. And to our surprise, we can even start bidding from $10.

Grievance of current Google CPC managers are, though they are paying Google more than before, they are not getting same returns as before. Cost increases, but conversion decreases.

While Google allowing you to target audience based on their search terms, LinkedIn brought a revolution by facilitating you to target based on job titles, functions, industry and their interests. This targeting can be fine-tuned even to the level of excluding certain job functions or interests or whatever you want to exclude. And you will be shown with a number of total audiences which you can target in every campaign.

Linkedin advertising filters audience to a greater level, location, company to which the person has been associated and job title too.

Google is now full of conventional search – You get the results at once, when you search for weather or any synonym or any calculations. Google is even fetching results from your private email inbox to you. In the near future, you can see conventional search results for everything and there wont be anymore clicks in your paid search as well as in organic search. Whereas when you consider LinkedIn, it will be same forever, there may be few changes in ad dimensions alone.
But there is lack of awareness among the online marketers on how to make more out of LinkedIn advertising. They just start trying with an ad and by comparing it’s performance with other platforms like Google adwords, they predict themselves that it wont work for them putting an end to it.

With emerging knowledge graph, user gets answers to all the queries in a second, so he don’t need to click on paid results, even not a click required on organic results too. This is a alarming issues to be looked after. Probably, Google will play its advertising trick on knowledge graph too in the near future.

Linkedin advertising tips and tricks

I strongly believe that Linkedin is the most valuable and valid digital marketing platform. Not just a belief, but I am also going to state few tips and tricks on Linkedin advertising, which I found out through quite a few experiments with that. Let me move into LinkedIn advertising tips and tricks now.

Images, images, go for images!

Normal text ads are just boring and wont grab any attention. And just think about the fact that image ads work 20% better than the normal text ads. LinkedIn allows thumbnail images 50×50 to be placed with your ad. And photos with real human faces work well.

It’s all about experiments..

Once you create a campaign, LinkedIn allows you to add upto 15 ad variations. Create an ad and just duplicate it to create more ads. Experiment with your ad variations and retain the best performing ad. Try ads with questions and see whether it works for you as well.

Rotate ad variations evenly / Optimize click-through rate

I suggest you to use the option rotate ad variations evenly at first, to find out which ad version is performing well. Then after confirming with the results, you can go with Optimize click through rate option.

Try different types of text ads

People love uniqueness. Do things which differentiate you from your competitor. You can try direct text ads pitching your product / service or you can go for case study ads with your customer logos, not with your logos or write your ads calling the specific job title (hello decision makers).

Target more to get more results

LinkedIn helps you to target specific industry, job title, groups or job functions. But don’t restrict more strictly, which may lead to decrease in impressions, which in turn wont provide any clicks for you. Recommended audience will be 100,000 people.

Especially for B2B, LinkedIn advertising is a treasure trove to acquire leads and conversions.

So, I suggest the online marketers to look for other online advertising models like LinkedIn PPC, StumbleUpon Paid discovery, Facebook ads, Reddit ads in addition to Google adwords. I am not insisting here to stop Google adwords completely since I myself realize the fact that we can’t get results as huge as Google adwords through any other platform. But its time to look for other options to prevent yourself from spending more for less returns.

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