Top 20 Money Earning Bloggers 2018 – Here’s How To Make Money Blogging

According to Google, approx 7,000 people a month search for the term: How To Make Money Blogging.

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So I thought I would do some research on the top 20 bloggers and how they make their money so I could share it with you here.  But there are tons more success stories out there. The internet is filled with people quietly making an amazing income with their own blogs or websites. Most of which we never hear about.

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1. The Huffington Post

Owner: Arianna Huffington
Income:    about $30,000/day
Daily visitors: 5 446 680
Daily pageviews: 11 056 761

At roughly double the income of the number two blog, The Huffington Post made a name for itself as a decidedly left-leaning political aggregate site in the vein of Drudge Report – but with a healthy, Internet-friendly sprinkling of cat videos and other Internet oddities driving clicks.

2. Mashable
Daily visitors: 1 611 911
Daily pageviews: 2 724 129
Alexa Rank: 701
Owner: Pete Cashmore
Income: about $15,000/day
Mashable’s focus is on social media news with a dash of tech here and there, but like so other top earning blogs, over time it has adapted to include viewer-friendly content like viral videos and feel-good opinion pieces.

3. Techcrunch
Daily visitors: 1 693 014
Daily pageviews: 2 895 055
Alexa Rank: 679

Owner: Michael Arrington
Income: about $14,000/day
One of the more focused blogs in the top ten, Techcrunch does an admirable job monetizing with just its hard tech industry focus by being bar none the best in the industry. A wide variety of tech and science news is covered, along with profiles of startup companies and new gadgets that give avid readers an edge on all but the most informed members of the tech industry.

4. Engadget
Daily visitors: 1 651 483
Daily pageviews: 3 236 906
Alexa Rank: 722
Owner: Peter Rojas
Income: about $10,000/day
Yet another high-earning tech blog, this time with a focus on gadgets (as the name suggests), Edgadget does especially well with a more magazine-like editorial format as well as substantially more international and multilingual support than comparable sites.

5. Smashing Magazine

Daily visitors: 294 160
Daily pageviews: 411 824
Alexa Rank: 5051

Owner: Vitaly Friedman
Income: about $6,000/day
Smashing is a blogger’s blog – or to be more precise, a resource for any web developer and website designer. Featuring examinations of typography, graphic design, layout, and more, Smashing is a rare example of a site with limited appeal to the layman that still managed to foster a huge audience and large paydays.

6. Tuts+
Daily visitors: 815 650
Daily pageviews: 1 207 163
Alexa Rank: 1889
Owner: Collis Taeed
Income: about $5,000/day
Unlike most blogs, Tuts+ doesn’t make its money from advertising. Instead, it offers a premium membership to gain access to a huge array of courses and educational materials on website design and development. Their blog features posts in this same vein that help funnel readers to the premium section.

7. Lifehacker

Daily visitors: 1 683 711
Daily pageviews: 2 323 522
Alexa Rank: 746
Owner: Nick Denton
Income: about $5,000/day

Lifehacker’s published content, oddly enough, centers on “life hacks,” or small shortcuts and productivity tricks that encompass all walks of life. It also regularly features software or gadgets that accomplish a similar end, such as a program to de-blur a blurry photo.

8. Gizmodo
Daily visitors: 1 913 258
Daily pageviews: 3 386 466
Alexa Rank: 645
Owner: Attila Talos
Income: about $4,000/day
Gizmodo is a blog that focuses on technology and design. Seeing a pattern here? It, too, also includes the occasional internet-pandering or interesting article only tangentially related to the main focus of the blog, but with updates roughly every hour, it keeps readers satisfied with plenty of content.

9. Perez Hilton
Daily visitors: 173 174
Daily pageviews: 329 032
Alexa Rank: 5881
Owner: Mario Lavanderia
Income: about $3,600/day
After a string of seven blogs related to the internet or tech in some way comes Perez Hilton, the infamous gossip who makes his living revealing the dirty details of celebrities’ private lives. Whether you agree with what he does or not, that people want to read what he writes – and the success it brings him – is undeniable.

10. Joystiq

Daily visitors: 534
Daily pageviews: 534
Alexa Rank: 7531709
Owner: AOL
Income: about $1,700/day
Joystiq is AOL’s general gaming blog. Video gaming has many straight-up media news sites and a couple more gossip-type blogs, but Joystiq carves its niche directly between the two, offering a more casual and editorial take on what happens in the industry while keeping it more professional than some of its competitors.

11. Problogger
Daily visitors: 42 731
Daily pageviews: 85 462
Alexa Rank: 50323
Owner: Darren Rowse
Income: about $1,600/day
Similar to Smashing Magazine, Problogger is a resource for people who already have their own blogs, except with a focus on generating traffic, monetizing, and improving blog content. It’s slightly ironic that one of the top earning blogs is dedicated to helping other blogs become strong earners, but hey, if it draws traffic!

12. Kotaku
Daily visitors: 1 031 350
Daily pageviews: 1 938 939
Alexa Rank: 1289
Owner: Nick Denton
Income: about $1,600/day
Kotaku is somewhat like Joystiq with just a dash of Perez Hilton. While it features mostly more video game news, the editorials tend be a little more scandalous and the hard content-to-fluff ratio leaning a little bit more to the fluffy side.

13. Six Revisions
Daily visitors: 34 476
Daily pageviews: 37 924
Alexa Rank: 47454
Owner: Jacob Gube
Income: about $1,600/day
Six Revisions is another blog focused on website design and development, with a bit more focus toward ease-of-use regarding the information presented. Information on topics like WordPress, HTML5, and discussions on subjects like web accessibility are common.

14. Noupe

Daily visitors: 39 170
Daily pageviews: 47 004
Alexa Rank: 41146

Owner: Noupe
Income: about $1,400/day
Noupe, too, has a focus on web development and design, but it combines its technical articles on HTML5 and mobile app development with pieces on photography or unique art pieces. The site has a hipster-like tone to it that helps differentiate it for its target audience.

15. Venture Beat

Daily visitors: 324 758
Daily pageviews: 487 138
Alexa Rank: 3800

Ownwer; Matt Marshall
Income: about $1,250/day
Venture Beat takes the technology blog and puts a focus on showing readers why the news matters and how it will ultimately impact their lives. They also tend to prefer highlighting technology that could be disruptive to the current status quo.

16. CopyBlogger

Daily visitors: 65 284
Daily pageviews: 117 511
Alexa Rank: 25428

Owner: Brian Clark
Income: about $1,200/day
CopyBlogger is similar to Tuts+ in that they offer premium content that complements and is supported by the actual blog. Their focus is online marketing in all its forms.

17. Abduzeedo

Daily visitors: 81 393
Daily pageviews: 170 925
Alexa Rank: 16057

Owner: Fabio Sasso
Income: about $1,000/day

An extremely artistic blog for those with an artistic eye, Abduzeedo shows “inspiration” in visually interesting things, from wallpapers to furniture to modern art to photography. There are also some artistic tutorials for programs like Photoshop.

18. Talking Points Memo

Daily visitors: 177 157
Daily pageviews: 425 177
Alexa Rank: 7100

Owner: Joshua Marshall
Income: about $900/day
TPM is similar to Huffington Post in that it’s a left-leaning political blog, though it’s a good bit more serious in its delivery than HuffPo. TPM rose to prominence during the George W. Bush era through its constant and strong criticism of that administration.

19. WPBeginner

Daily visitors: 637 287
Daily pageviews: 924 067
Alexa Rank: 2254

Owner: Syed Balkhi
Income: about $700/day
WPBeginner is, appropriately, a beginner’s guide to WordPress. WordPress is a powerful platform for quickly creating an attractive website, but the nuances and modularity of the platform can be complicated despite its ease of use. Given its popularity, it is little surprise a site dedicated to it is so successful.

20. Matt Cutts

Daily visitors: 15 642
Daily pageviews: 21 899
Alexa Rank: 80581

Owner: Matt Cutts
Income: about $500,000/year
Matt Cutts is a Google employee and software designer who runs a widely-read blog discussing technology and gadgetry issues. Technically Matt does not make any money from the blog itself; instead, he uses his persona to acquire Twitter followers, and uses that Twitter account to promote products and services to them. Since his continued fame stems from the blog, this is included as a way to show other ways to creatively generate income.

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