Propeller Ads Media Review 2018: I got CPM of $0.05



Propeller Ads Media is one of the fastest growing CPM advertising network giving publishers the full access to monetize their ad inventory with highest eCPM rates for Popunders. As a publishers you would be delighted to work with them as their rates are very high for Pop-under and pop up ads. Their publisher dashboard is very clean and you will find it very easy to navigate across your account. If you want to only use their banner ads, then definitely your earnings will be less unless its from tier 1 countries and you have huge traffic to your website. But if you use their pop under, pop up ads you will generate more revenue from them. The ads you get are very clean and by premium advertisers. Publishers can also make money from referral program. You get 5% of your referral income which is pretty decent. This is good to go advertising network and I definitely recommend it.

Commission Type  –   CPM, Popunder, Popup, Direct Ads
Minimum Payout   –  $100
Payment Method    Wire Transfer, Bank Transfer, Payoneer
Country   – Every Where
Ad Serving    International

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Webmasters and Developers

engage your audience and let our technology deliver highest results for each ad impression

Global coverage and great eCPM rates

By combining campaigns from thousands of direct advertisers and local ad networks, Propeller Ads provides the ultimate level of audience monetization and the highest revenue per visitor.

Automatic optimization to ensure highest revenue

Our innovative optimization system eliminates the need for monitoring how your ad inventory performs. Just use any of our ad tags and the system will automatically take charge of campaign selection and performance tweaks.

Easy to setup revenue-boosting ad units

Choose from the widest variety of top-performing ad units, designed to give you the flexibility to choose your ideal level of monetization from our advertising platform and optimized for all screen sizes and platforms.

Monetize everything

no matter how niche your content or app is – we will find you the perfect advertising match


Browse our high performing cross-platform ad formats

cover 100% of your display and mobile traffic with a single advertising network

Onclick Ads
Mobile Web
Banner Ads
Direct Links
Video Ads
Onclick Popunder Ads

Onclick pop-under ads

Onclick Pop-Under Ads  are a perfect solution for publishers wanting to get paid for every ad impression.

A full page graph ad or landing page appears hidden behind the main browser window, remaining unnoticed until the main browser window is closed or minimized.

CPM payouts for Pop-Under Ads are significantly higher than traditional display ads and help publishers get up to 200% more revenue from their audience.

The key to publisher success

discover the advantages of working with Propeller Ads

Earn higher eCPMs

reach higher revenue with our algorithmic optimization along with manual control and 100% fill rate

Our robust optimization technology and auto-learning algorithms match relevant advertisers to every individual website to deliver only the highest paying ads on your pages.

Experienced optimization teams constantly monitor your revenue level and ensure the highest eCPM is displayed and you are paid for every impression.

With increased marketing demand from advertisers, our publishers get industry-leading fill rates worldwide. This means that we’re better able to serve ads whenever and wherever your users are engaging with your website or app.

Frequently Asked Questions

You asked. We answered.

What is your revenue model for publishers?

Our goal at Propeller Ads is simple: display only the most relevant high paying advertisements for maximum revenue each time your page is viewed. For every 1000 advertising impressions, we pay your our industry leading eCPM rate. However, earnings are calculated by variables including, but not limited to, user geographic location, device category, website category, ad unit and an individualized performance metric set by the advertiser.

What are your traffic and website requirements?
How do I get approved for a publisher account?
Is Propeller Ads compatible with other ad networks?
Can I remove an ad campaign from appearing on my site?
What are your payment options?

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