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LinksManagement History – How We Started One of The Best Link Building Services on The Web

1LinksManagement started its history in 2009. The link building company existed on the market much earlier, but we were not satisfied with our business and tried to find out the solution that would better fit the needs of our clients. Thus, in 2009 we conducted a thorough marketing research among 6,252 of SEO companies from the USA and the UK, trying to find a service that offered high-quality backlinks. Having spent 3 months and around $50 000 for this research, we have finally realized that there were almost no SEO services that offered really quality backlinks that could improve Google rankings for a long period of time.
We have found only a few companies that provided high-quality links, but the budget of their clients should have been more than $ 50 000/ month to use their services. Most of SEO agencies either provided links of low quality or links that were removed with time. The results was so impressive that we decided to create the company, which: Provides high-quality backlinks that will significantly increase the site rankings on Google Provides backlinks, which appear natural and safe to Google Totally fits our clients’ needs, makes them happy about the results of their link building campaign We have spent 12 months and approximately $300 000 for the development and finally, we have created LinksManagement, the SEO-agency that provides high-quality link building services for clients from all over the world. Today LinksManagement has customers from the USA, UK, Canada and Europe. Among our regular clients, there are such prominent companies as Mashable, Wired, Techradar and Hacker News.

Our Products We want an SE optimisation of your website was as easy as possible. That’s why we created two tools that aim to simplify your work. Our SEO Calculator automatically finds out how many links your website needs to get in Google Top 10 and how much will they cost you. It also predicts how much time you need to reach to Top 10 on Google. SEO Expert Tool is the other our product, which will select you backlinks from our inventory and will help you to manage your link building campaign. The tool will also help you to do the research of your competitors for indicated keywords and will create the list of unique anchor texts for your backlinks so that your campaign would look natural to Google. All these intended to ease an SEO process and to save you time in order to turn your mind to more important parts of your campaign.

Reasons To Use LinksManagement

Reasons to use linksmanagement

As you can see in the above screenshot, this service has given some reasons why we are safe to use this service for our blog

  • All the inventory websites real active websites
  • Websites are indexed in Google and getting traffic
  • Unique C-Class IPs and location
  • Pagerank is 100% real
  • We can see backlink page where we get contextual backlink
  • Looks natural because link placements managed manually
  • All links are Dofollow links so we get link juice from those websites
  • Have the option to choose niche as per our interest
  • links are not from blog comments and forums posts
  • 100% links from content
  • Less outbound links per pages for more link juice pass
  • Pricing starts from $1 per month

How to start with LinksManagement?

Signing up for this service is free and we do get some free product and service from LinksManagemet, here is the screenshot information about their free service to registered users

LinksManagement free product

SEO calculator evaluates our website and finds out how many links we are going to need to rank better in Google search results, this report helps us to know how much will occur to build those links and how much time it takes to get good organic traffic.

After signing up their service they will assign an SEO expert for us to guide us how to choose the best links for SEO campaign and even manages our complete SEO activity for us if we don’t have knowledge in building links selecting the anchor texts for those contextual links.

The third free product is PDF report about SEO mistakes which we are doing without knowing what we are doing for link building.

Once we signed up just log into your account select your project URL and website category to see the inventory and prices for the websites ranging from PR8 to PR1.

Here is the screenshot how inventory looks in this service

linksmanagement inventory

Benefits of using LinksManangement

  • Building contextual links is very easy
  • Google friendly backlinks
  • Option to choose website category and PR
  • Moneyback Guarantee
  • Experts advice
  • Control over pricing
  • All links do follow contextual backlinks

How To Refine the inventory?

LinksManagement inventory

As you can see in the above screenshot this service has more than 1 million websites, refining the best websites from the ad placements as per our requirement and affordability to suffice our link building campaign is very easy, LinksManagement has several filters to refine our search for desired websites like page authority, domain authority, price slider, category or niche, keyword phrase and lot more.

Managing Backlinks In LinksManagement

We can see all our SEO campaigns in the user dashboard to manage our backlinks like current projects,  purchased links, recent purchases, we even track their performance how those links are giving us the best results.

We can stop and remove those links at any time if you face any problems with those links, that means you have full control over your anchor texts and backlinks.

We have to add funds to our LinksManagement through PayPal or credit card to buy and manage links.

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