Top 10 Serpstat SEO Alternative for SEO Needs In 2018

When you are working on SEO for your own business or for a client’s website, you will need some great SEO tools. If you have the budget, you can certainly pay for the best SEO tools the Internet has to offer, Here you can find top SEO tools alternative.

Here top SEO tools alternative of Serpstat .


Serpstat                           PRICE                                 URL       

Serpstat                                                                                19  $                                                 Visit Today

1.Semrush                                                                           99 $                                                  Visit Today

 2.Long Tail Pro                                                                 37 $                                                  Visit Today

 3.ahrefs                                                                               99 $                                                  Visit Today 

4. SiteGuru                                                                         29 $                                                   Visit Today

5. Web Seo                                                                          99 $                                                   Visit Today

6. HubSpot                                                                          50 $                                                  Visit Today

7.  Raven tools                                                                     99 $                                                  Visit Today

8. Keyword Spy                                                                   89 $                                                Visit Today

9. Mazen                                                                                90 $                                                 Visit Today

10.MarketMuse                                                                 500 $                                                 Visit Today


Here Find Top 10 Entry



Top 10 SEMrush Alternative for all SEO Needs In 2018


SEMrush is a top paid tool for doing keyword research and competitor analysis. If you are blogging for a while, you already know the importance of driving more traffic from search engines to your websites.

But increasing your organic traffic is not easy. It takes a lot of time, research and efforts to find high performing keywords. One of the most effective ways to find profitable keywords is to research your competitors.

Positive side:

  • Most powerful all-in-one competitor analysis & SEO tool on the market
  • Site audit and ranking tools
  • Drag-and-drop report builder
  • They also produce great content on their blog and with webinars.
  • It has a very worthy competitor in a similar price range, but where SEMRush takes the cake is on their data for Google SERPs and SERP history
  • It has multiple beta tools that eventually become fully integrated into the standard tool set.

Negative side:

  • The keyword difficulty metric looks at domain instead of page-level metrics
  • Unable to analyze SERP data directly inside the keyword table


10.Long Tail Pro

Barely any online discussion around keyword research tools is free from mention of Long Tail Pro. It seems not long ago that I remember Long Tail Pro (LTP for short) as being just another obscure piece of 2nd tier SEO software – the sort of thing that wannabe Internet marketing gurus would peddle to their lists that they built up from scummy solo ads.

Positive side:

  • Long Tail Pro provides exact search volume data, as well as our industry-leading Keyword Competitiveness (KC) metric. You can search for specific keywords, or get hundreds of keyword suggestions at a time.
  • Use Long Tail Pro the Google AdWords Suggestions to find hundreds of new related keywords in minutes, for any country or language.
  • With Long Tail ProView your domain statistics and pick the best keywords for your site. Use Target KC to find out which keywords are easy, which ones will take extra effort, and which ones to avoid.
  • The key reason why Long Tail Pro is my choice of keyword research tool is that it is simple to use.

Negative side:

  • Their stubbornness can stem from many reasons – including the two mentioned above.




3. Ahrefs


Top 10 Ahrefs Alternative for SEO Needs In 2018


Ahrefs is the newest entry into the link research tool space. They use their own bot and their own index (which they state is based on information from a trillion website connections).

They claim their index is updated every 30 minutes and the fresh data is available to their users within 30 minutes of the actual index refresh.

Ahrefs also has a ranking database of roughly 45 million keywords from 9 different countries (US GB FR RU DE ES IT AU BR). The tools within their membership are:

  • Site Explorer
  • SERPs Analysis
  • Reports
  • Labs/Tools

Positive side:

  • Backlinks and keywords for every niche
  • The dashboard is an easy way to get an overall picture of our ranking, backlinks, and organic traffic.
  • This tool helps you identify top performing content of your competitors.
  • This module alone can make a tremendous difference in the way you do blogging and competitor research.

Negative side:

  • inaccurate keyword volume sometimes


4. SiteGuru lets you run a free website check. Analyze your website for SEO improvements and usability issues like meta tags, speed, security and duplicate content.


Positive side:

  • Fix SEO issues on your website to achieve the top spot in Google.
  • Find usability problems on your website and fix them to make users happier.
  • Solve technical issues on your website, check your HTML and make it faster.
  • t’s a good checklist and it works like google page insights so that’s a great way to know and compartmentalize which parts of the site
  • An SEO solution that lets you run a free website check and analyze your website for improvements and usability issues.

Positive side:

  • It can be a a bid overwhelming when you see how much work has to be done if each page needs work to do.


5.Web Seo

Top 10 Web CEO Alternative for All Your SEO Needs In 2018


Use WebCEO’s SEO Analysis Tool to run SEO audits of your site and make it search-engine-friendly. Optimize your site for mobile search. Perform keyword-focused SEO for each landing page to benefit from the Google Hummingbird algorithm.


Positive side:

  • The flexibility the WebCEO platform offers. There’s a tool for everything related with SEO. On-page, off-page, backlinks, competitors, rankings, traffic data, social media, the list goes on
  • The login page gives you a complete picture of your site in a single snapshot that enables you to drill down to each element
  • It is so simple to track keywords, including your “top” keywords, your rankings on each keyword across different search engines, along with the ranking of each of your landing pages and whether there are any issues with your pages.
  • The Competitor Metrics Tools is especially helpful in understanding where you should be focusing your efforts and learning more about how your competitors are ranking, right down to a keyword level.

Negative side:

  • Due to the vast amount of options offered, the learning curve is steep for new users, and those that are not SEO professionals.


6. HubSpot


HubSpot offers a full stack of software for marketing, sales, and customer success, with a completely free CRM at its core. They’re powerful alone — but even better when used together.
Software to fuel your growth and build deeper relationships, from first hello to happy customer and beyond.


Positive side:

  • Hubspot have a beautifully designed product. Given the complexity of marketing automation software, they have done a great job of making it intuitive for small business owners with little or no coding ability.
  • The implementation of the platform is also quite easy. Copy pasting a single javascript code on your website gets the platform going.
  • The reporting has made a huge impact in marketing attribution, tracking the success of campaigns and organizing workflows.

Negative side:

  • Document previews now only show the first page, and don’t indicate that there are more pages than one

7.Raven tools


Top 10 Raven tools Alternative for All Your SEO Needs In 2018


Raven tools Provide prospective SEO clients with detailed SEO audit reports that show progress over time. Analyze organic performance of your SEO campaign. Identify potential backlink sources, manage and report your progress. Create white-label reports with performance metrics from Google Analytics, Search Console, AdWords, Facebook, Bing Ads

Positive side:

  • Raven Tools excellent tool set and plain label/own branding features have helped me manage SEO
  • Great data connections including Google Analytics, Search Centrol, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube, mailchimp
  • The reporting engine is easy to set up and customize and provides simple, user friendly results.
  • understanding and monitoring a website, social, competitive landscape and wide variety of online marketing needs.

Negative side:

  • The presentation style of the data is not customizable.



8. Keyword Spy



KeywordSpy currently operates in USA, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada. Through this keyword tool and keyword software, you can perform advanced keyword research and keyword tracking to study what your competitors have been advertising in their Adwords campaigns and Other PPC campaigns. You can now get complete in-depth analysis, stats, budget, affiliates & ad copies of your competitors.


Positive side:

  • It has the biggest database of keywords among all backlinks checkers over the internet.
  • Used for researching competitor keywords and understanding strategies.
  • Customized data, API access, bulk extract,multiple user access,100X more data than standard packages.


Negative side:

  • Keyword Spy membership is a little bit more expensive.


9. Mazen


Mazen allows you to create as many customized dashboards as you want. Design your own workflow, with only the data you have chosen. Our smart filters automatically display to you the elements that needs optimization.


Positive side:

  • Unification of data gathering for traffic, missing tags & broken pages
  • Stop juggling between SEO tools
  • Mazen allows you to create as many customized dashboards as you want
  • Obtain thousands of keywords from all sources, such as Google Adwords, SEM Rush
  • Monitor every move from your competitors




MarketMuse uses sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms to identify low-quality content on your site. By analyzing Web content and comparing it to the content on your site, MarketMuse identifies topical gaps across your content. MarketMuse then makes targeted suggestions to help improve lead quality, engagement and content performance on organic search.


Positive side:

  • Provided over the years as well as the rapid development and product improvement cycle they’ve displayed.
  • Use MarketMuse Site Anaysis to identify gaps in the content on your site
  • se your primary keywords and Topic suggestions (secondary keywords) to create content.
  • Provides great insight on how semantically cohesive a client’s site is, where the opportunities are to improve, where there are the topic gaps, how they compare to competitors,

Negative side:

  • The tool can be slow at times and bring back terms highly unrelevant to our client’s businesses

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